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“mcdonama”+1 re: capitalism.

no other economic system has proven successful for so long.  The issue going forward is jealousy and opportunism.  There are many who covet the success of people, like us here on AGN, that can afford a comfortable life and luxury recreation like airguns.

watch out though because the current direction of society is such that our enjoyment of things we worked for is a sign of privilege that many feel we have not earned.  The goal of these people is to take from us what we have earned and give it to those who have not.

the calls for redistributive “justice” are incessant and becoming accepted by more and more of the majority especially as the majority shifts demographically.

I for one pray that I’ll die a peaceful death before those people take control of what passes today for society and of the American government.

For a laugh:  Find a social justice warrior at a uni with a pretty good GPA.  Ask them if they would be willing to knock a point off their average and give it to a deserving underachieving fellow student.

My son fits that description and my wife and I are visiting him this weekend at his university.  I’ll ask him that question.  Should be interesting to hear his response.

sorry if I sound angry– I live and work in Charlotte!

Thanks for for the suggestion.