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@smaug; it’s all a matter of taste I guess, but there’s a LOT of wood on the FWB300S stock you can work with, make it into something that suites you more. I’ve seen people do amazing things with it. Or you can get custom stocks for it, there are even after market AICS stocks if you’re more into that. Galling issues on the HW30S, I don’t have it on mine and it’s also pretty recent. I believe I have it 2, 3 years tops now and cleaned it immediately after I purchased it and I would have noticed that, and trust me, I would have. Could be an issue with  export guns, or a specific series, I don’t know. But I worked on a HW30S from a friend of mine who bought it a couple of weeks ago, and also no gallig issues, dented springs or any other problems.

@ajshoots; we’re not allowed to carry here in Europe, but if I had to, I would probably go for a CC 1911 or some light weight polymer for sure. A full-size 1911 a lot of weight to carry around all day. 

The quality of the internals of the FWB300 series is amazing. Mine shote over half a million pellets down range in almost 40 years, and the insides looked like it came out of the factory yesterday. Those things are built to last. Back then, the Germans knew how to make extremely good quality stuff.

Oh, by the way, this is what another guy did with his FWB300S. I think it looks quite amazing!