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Nope, no free cap or coozie.  Just a catalog so I knew where to send more of my money.  I definitely messed up and shopped at the wrong place.


Wow, you got this figured out and narrowed it down to putting that scope on your favorite rifle!!  I messed up big time again!!  I put one on the favorite .177, one on the favorite .22 and one on the new favorite .30.  And I have a .25 on the way.  They better stop inventing calibers or I’m heading to the poorhouse for sure.  And if anyone gets within 50 yard of me with one of those top end Kahles K 1050’s I’m gonna run so fast the other way those Olympic runners are gonna seem slow.

Alot of it boils down to my budget. No way could I afford that many scopes of that quality. I can however own whatever scope I want……but just one for now. That is why its going on my most accurate gun. My other guns are mere mortals and are not worthy. Now…..if I had two insanely accurate guns I would be in trouble. That will probably happen at some point too. Im beginning to believe I got a really good wolverine B. I was watching my pellets drop right into sparrows at 70 and 80 yards this morning. No spiraling. I have confidence with my wolverine. You know what Im talking about too. Not every rifle I own is like that. Its like……..if I grab the wolverine….its a done deal before I even squeeze the trigger. I truly want to put some good glass on this one. Im probably going to stick around the 1500 dollar mark for the scope. Im flexible to go above that point…..but at some point the law of diminishing returns starts to trump how much I want to spend.