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The galling issues on the HW30s is well-documented. It’s something owners just deal with, because the rest of the gun is so nice. I read of one guy wearing out his detent spring after 30 years. I’m not sure I would call that an issue, really. Bushings, I haven’t read about that problem. Galling is the biggy.

TX200 quality issue, I’d be interested to hear more about that. Mine was quite buzzy when firing it and the screws loosened up on me twice. The first time, I didn’t wait for it to cure overnight before shooting it again. (my fault) The second time, blue loctite held fine. (at least until I put the 12 FPE Vortek kit in it) Never had any problems yet. So I wouldn’t call that a quality issue, they just are trying to make it as powerful as possible for us Yankees and didn’t put any kind of vibration dampening measures in.

Still, to pass on these guns for some used FWB’s is understandable. They will probably have that old school quality you’re after, but may also have some used gun issues that rear their heads later.

Manufacturers these days just need to take their time in finishing the guns and build in some anti-vibration means. I think Walther is doing this now.

I’m going to tear into my HW30s for the first time in this coming week, and I’ll post here what I find, as far as galling is concerned. Mine’s recent production; only 4 years old. Probably only 1000-1500 shots through it too.