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“zebra”I like the look of the Rex line but not that it’s single-shot. 

If I was going to buy a single shot air rifle in that price range, I would prefer an airforce gun.

Airforce guns use LW barrels which are better than Evanix’s in-house barrels. They are more established and have a large number of after-market accessories and support. Barrels are interchangable between their different models and they are all available now and not too expensive. It makes it a very versatile platform for (other) people who can live with a single shot gun. 

I know that Evanix has plans to make the Rex similarly versatile but the after-market support is not there yet. Imo, the Rex is a day late and a dollar short. It brings nothing new. 

As I said, it looks nice, but you can easily create a similar look with an airforce gun by adding a free-float handguard. I prefer the under-lever on the Rex but the improved ergonomics are made irrelevant by it being single shot. There is no fast follow-up shots without taking your eye off the target etc. 

What does the Airforce gun weigh, compared to The Evanix Rex BA?  That would be the deal breaker right there.