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Berretta rocks! Nice handguns by the way!  I’m more of a 1911 fan myself, I’ve been shooting 1911’s for decades now. Anything else just doesn’t feel right. Feels like cheating some how. ;) 

I agree with you about the manufacturing standards these days. Profit over quality is something that will eventually bite these manufacturers in the but. Diana has been bought by GSG for instance. The first rifles that left the factory after they moved the plant had quality issues. Now that was a brand you could rely on in the past. Hope it’s just a temporary thing, because without that reputation and quality, you may just as well buy a Gammo for half the money. Seems Weihrauch is going the same direction then. Shame… Do you know what the issues are by the way? I haven’t heard anything on this side of the Atlantic puddle about production problems with Weihrauch.