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Actually, the HW30 issue seems to be the more recent manufactured guns and those issues are more than one or two people. That is based on reports by 2 major retailers.

This is just my opinion, but I can’t find a springer or springers that I honestly feel are better than what I currently have. Yes, the modern day lack of quality is my biggest driving factor. But, already having guns that are super accurate doesn’t help.

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy springer and I am not bad mouthing them. I am just not impressed with today’s quality. If guns were still built just like the old classics I have or have had, I would buy a few more no questions asked.

I work in an industry that continually improves quality and innovates. We have no choice, or people will die!! I know guns can be built to the same high quality standards they used too, but the modern business model is less quality to maximize profits.

And, my new powder purchases were a PMR-30, another S&W Shield 9, and another Beretta Xtrema 2.