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JonnesHang on, because a fellow forum member had an issue with a HW30S, so you decided to hold off that purchase? Based on one person who claims he has an issue? Hmmkay… Other option is have Joe look for a FWB300 Sporter or Universal and let him do his magic on it. Fun guaranteed with those babies! But you already know that. ;) 

That one person is one of the most respected springer guys on this forum and his issue plus another are not out of the ordinary for the HW30.

It really comes down to there is nothing on the market that my current guns can’t already do and probably do it better. It is that simple. As many airguns as I have recently sold, I still have a rather large collection and just can’t justify spending money on something that doesn’t gain me anything and quality isn’t what it used to be regardless of brand. And, at the end of the day, I will probably still pickup a pcp over a springer no matter how hard I try not too!!