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Well, I finally decided to be undecided!! Lmao!! After being set and ready to order a tx200 in .177, I was told by a CS guy from pyramyd that they were having quality issues with AA spring guns and he recommended holding off my purchase. A fellow forum member had an issue with the HW30 which was another gun I was ready to buy and again, alittle gun shy to make the purchase.

Overall, I am spoiled with the FWB 300S. Though it doesn’t make much power, it is just an amazing rifle that is of the utmost quality. Even my old BSA supersport shines in the quality department compared to most of what is being sold today. I also have a very rare Diana 70 that is pure quality in a youth springer. While I really wanted to add some springers to my collection, I am going to wait on a nice FWB 124 or something along that line. I was really interested in the new FWB sport even though it is one of the most expensive springers available, but as impressive as the 300 is, I thought it has to be a winner. Unfortunately, reviews are not all that great and again makes it evident that the quality of old is no longer.

I greatly appreciate all the input and value everyone’s opinions. I am just a bit disappointed in the level of quality of today’s airguns.

I instead decided to buy some fun backyard plinkers for my wife and kids along with a new Hill MK4 for a backup to my Tanks and compressor for pcp filling. I just bought a few new firearms, so thought I would spoil the family alittle since I couldn’t find what I wanted in the springer market.