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“KitCarrera”Zebra I must admire your passion for your Cricket! You keep wanting to improve it and you have the ability to do it yourself, bravo! Keep the ideas coming I just love them!

Everyone has the ability to do it. I have no special skills or equipment. I’m self taught through trial and error (mostly error). I just enjoy making things. The Cricket is just an excuse really. It gives me the opportunity to work with two of my favorite things – carbon fiber and air guns!

Most carbon fiber shops are small businesses run by self taught guys using teqniques they developed themselves (also through trial and error). It’s exciting to me because it’s new enough that there is still things to discover.

The guys that carve original stocks from a block of wood, now they have skills and talent (and patience). I wish I had those things…

If you use firearms then you have tons of choice for aftermarket accessories. You can take your rifle and make it tactical, benchrest, hunter, bullpup, aluminum, wood or composites. We airgun enthusiasts have very little if any choice in most cases, so diy is usually the only option (with the exception of a few custom wood stock makers). It’s a shame really. I love my Cricket but it’s not exactly pretty. It could use a few after-market accessories…