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“Erik”He sold them all lol. Anyways he will get Leshiy in two weeks or something but they are all spoken for I belive

I have zero interest in the Leshiy. It’s the least exciting of all their products to me. I was interested in the Matador short 25 and the Lelya 25 but that’s starting to fade now…. I tried that site a number of times and they have never had any stock of either (or anything else). 

With all the new bullpups on the market, it’s hard (almost impossible) to believe that they can’t keep Matadors in stock due to demand. Nobody even talks about Matadors anymore. Something else is going on but either way, I think they should post an update to let people know if they ever plan on selling any actual airguns in America. It’s the right way to treat people.

It’s the same every time I try to buy an Edgun. It’s hard to get excited about a product that’s terminally unavailable.