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“JCKelly”Got mine in ’63, on recommendation of a friend who said it would go lengthwise through a rabbit. He would know. Early in my marriage it turned off an annoying searchlight outside of our bedroom, later communicated with the blue jays to stop harassing my (murderous) cat. 
Let it alone for years, got it out last year & the seals leaked. Through the Miracle of Pellgun Oil it shoots again, how well I can’t tell you. I dunno – should I be using RWS silicone oil instead?
Did get some JSB’s for it, thanks for the suggestions Mssrs. Gaylord and bobseagles

I’d stick with pellgun oil, I brought back one of my streaks by putting in a new pump cup-it holds great now. By the way, always store with one or two pumps in it and that will help keep the seals strong. Here’s one I brought back from the dead with the help of my son- As it came to me:

Found a box of parts for sale which had a stock:

And put a red dot on it