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“DaBinChe”for tempting me!


If you’re impressed just from unboxing it, wait until you have a chance to go shoot. There aren’t many airguns that are as much fun to use.

Compared to your Prod, you’ll find it has more power, far more shots per fill and accuracy that is in a different league. 

I thought I’d be limited to using mine at 30 yards or less due to the pistol length barrel but I’ve been using it at 50-65 yards, just like my longer guns, without any issues. Just don’t ruin it by putting a NASA telescope on top. It definitely doesn’t need a Hawke Sidewinder 30 on a Shorty…

Yours looks like it is less powerful than mine out of the box. You might want to adjust the HST a little to give you a little more range. Mine was spitting out JSB 18’s at 815fps when I got it. I adjusted it to 840 and I’m still getting 4 mags (48 shots) per fill. It was accurate at 815 though. 

The extra weight over the Prod is from a larger air tube, slightly longer barrel, larger shroud, metal baffles (Marauder ones are plastic), barrel bands and the wooden stock. Mine weighs 9oz less with a new stock but it didn’t feel heavy before though.