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GoodtogoBack to the OP question. About everyone carries those. Just Google 34mm scope rings and if you don’t want to run adapter on your rail?

Thank you……I might need the 34mm rings depending on what scope I get. Right now Im undecided but Joe knows how I feel about good glass. Looking at swfa hd, nightforce, kahles, s&b pm2, meopta, and march. Undecided on ffp vs sfp. I had a Burris xtr2 4-20 ffp scope that was awesome…but the parallax only went down to 50 yards. I will probably go for the ffp in whatever I buy tho. Just need to do some homework. My holy grail scope is the march 8-80X56. Probably wont do that tho… 80X I bet there arent even enough mil dots for holdover past 70 yards due to being zoomed in so much.