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If you don’t have time to make your own, you can usually find a used synthetic Cricket stock for less than $150 in the classifieds if you put a wanted add. I was offered 5 when I bought a second stock for myself. 

After I was done using it to make a mold (which is why I bought it), I cut it down to reduce the weight and added a custom carbon fiber grip which was made using a mold of my hand. This was a stop-gap while I was making an all cf stock:

I found that I liked it enough to use it as my main stock for a while. The custom grip was far more comfortable in my hand than the original which is a little too thick imo. 

The synthetic cricket stock is a particularly solid and heavy piece. As long as you don’t cut the inletting or the thin side walls, you can remove a fair amount of material without making the stock unstable. This particular mod saved around 1lb without changing the balance which was already correct for a bullpup. 

I wouldn’t recommend cutting into the stock it came with (in case you want to sell it some day) but there is no reason not to experiment with a spare. It’s much quicker to cut a stock than it is to make one from scratch.

Finishing this mod to make it look pretty is on my (extremely long) to-do list of diy projects I need to finish. I am currently focused on carving a new bullpup stock design for my Cricket based on what I’ve learnt about what I like and don’t like in a stock. Typically, the project that is the most fun usually goes to the front of the line.