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When I moved to Pa in 1972, if you took a turkey you were a real hunter, as they were very hard to tag, because there were none around like it is today. We have a healthy turkey population. Seeing one now or a flock is no big thing to most locals. Just like a farmer has a fenced in area that surrounds a plant near me. I bet in that plot of about 30 -40 acres I counted over 30 deer at one time. They just move around inside that fenced in area( which is posted as that is the plants property) and become very tame to on coming traffic. I will try to go out and take some pictures. Usually around 2-3 bucks in the herd, soon the Buck will have the pecking order down. No way will they open it to hunting, I think the Game Commission had some concerns with so many deer in a small area like this. They tried to move them but they just hop back over the fence in a different area. They know its safe and they will go to inside the fence. Just like my property, I have deer on my property as I set out game cameras,but they are night deer. They come down from the mountain above me and then go back up in the morning, Its a routine for them. I have a empty nest now and it would just be me eating the meat so I stopped hunting deer. My daughter does not want it as she said she has plenty of deer meat offered to her already, so now I just take pictures of them
Jim I did not know that about the racoons. You know I have a family of 4 on camera, maybe I should thin them out.