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“KitCarrera”Zebta, please clarify are you saying that the piece of 3.5″ of hardwood couldn’t stop the individual pellets? Or the cumulative effect of all of those pellets you shot at it destroyed the piece of wood? That piece of wood looked aged like a piece of firewood. Would be interested in what your new backstop looks like and how it performs in stopping the .25 pellets. Lesson learned is know where your pellet will end up and you are responsible for where every pellet goes! 

It was the cumulative effect. It stopped them initially but that’s what I saw when I went to remove a paper target I was using to sight in a new scope. It really didn’t take long to destroy the hardest wood I have ever encountered in my life. 

It was originally a shelf above the fireplace when I moved into my house. It’s old. I broke a circular saw, a jigsaw cutter and a dremel trying to cut it. It was going to be used to make a stock but when I saw how hard it was to work with it, I gave up and decided to use it as a backstop instead. It lasted about 100 rounds from pristine to how it looks in the pic…