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JoeWayneRheaOK Marksman ….Spill it !!! What kinda SuperSpy scope setup you got coming ??!!!

Im afraid if I tell……….too many will think Im a douchbag or something. I will say this tho. Good optics dont come and go like guns. Money spent on good optics….in my opinion… money well spent. You probably have an idea already Joe…..its your second guess….Im reading your mind.
All I can say is this…….dont ever look through a kowa tsn-883 with prominar 25-60X wide angle eyepiece. Finest Japan has to offer. Japan glass is stunning. Pure flourite crystal throughout. 5 years ago I made the mistake of looking through one. I bought one within the year. Still have it. Use it often. Never regretted for a second to this day. Still takes my breath away when I look through it….never gets old. Never.