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“KitCarrera”Thanks for your input about tuning. Since I just got my Cricket I will wait until I’ve put 500 rounds through it before I will consider tuning the gun. It is accurate out of the box for my limited shooting range. One of the big reason I got it was for its known accuracy capability and after zeroeing it in I have not been disappointed. 
For you guys and gals that have other rifles besides the Cricket please tell me how the Cricket stacks in terms of accuracy. Is it more or less accurate than say a Vulcan, Mutant, Wildcat, or Bobcat? Thanks all for sharing!

They all have similar accuracy. Any one of them could be more accurate than the rest. You will find owners of all of them who claim their gun to be the most accurate one they own. It’s mostly about luck if you get one that is particularly accurate out of the box. No two of any gun are identical. The 22 Cricket, Vulcan and Mutant all use CZ barrels.

Of the ones you listed, I think that the Mutant is the best made in terms of how solid, robust and smooth it is. The exception to that is the stock which is the worst. I find the Cricket to be slightly easier to shoot from a bench than the others (on the list) because it has more weight so it’s easier to hold steady. The Wildcat and Vulcan are far more ergonomic. Overall, a sensible man could be happy with any one of them if he got a good one. Most of us aren’t sensible though so we want to try more than one….

There is certainly no reason to think that you’re missing out owning a Cricket. For me, it’s still the gun that all others would be judged against.