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Yes and no. He is not a professional tuner with a website like Ernest Rowe. He does however do a great job and is very knowledgeable about what he does. He charged Me nothing even though I offered to pay and he even shipped the gun to Me for Free so I didn’t have to pay return shipping (!?). He lives in Sweden (as do I) so you can’t have him tune your gun (unless you are in Sweden as well).

Also he had a original Kalibrgun regulator tester from the kalibrgun factory. But he is done with Crickets now and sold the reg tester to Me. I intend on posting a thread about that tester as it is very Nice, but not yet.

Another mod I have is shrink hose on the cocking lever to make it nicer to hold. Also my friend modded my cocking Plate so you can lock the Magazine pin in Place. I would need pics to explain that One though.