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I have owned 3 deltas. The standard 6-24×42 the more advanced 4,5-30×50 and the FFP 4,5-14×44

The 6-24 is Good up to 20x but only a standard mildot reticle that is calibrated at 10x. So not a good scope if you need lots of holdover because at 20x 4mildots become 2…

The 4,5-30 is a great scope, good all over apart from the reticle, it is Nice but I would prefer something else like their LR600 reticle. It is a bit heavy too.

The 4,5-14 is also a great Little scope. Really Nice but unfortunately the reticle is way too thick. At 14x good luck target shooting…

I ended up selling all of them and setteling on a SWFA 12×42. Because on the ffp I ended up on the same magnification anyways due to the reticle thickness.

The only scope I have some regret in selling is the 4,5-30 because it was such a great 50m target scope at 20-30x power.