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My gun was tuned by my friend. He has owned A LOT of crickets and imports them himself. So he got Me mine, although I don’t have a standard Cricket, it’s the Compact model.

My valve is set at half a turn from “Touch down” wich means that the valve is adjusted like this: you screw the valve down until it touches the Valve spring, that is Touch down. Then you tightened it down half a turn.

My reg pressure was increased slightly to compensate for the shorter barrel and hammer spring tuned to reach max fps and then backed off slightly. That gives Me 4 mags, or 56 shots per fill if I fill to 235 bar. The gun has a 250cc tank. My exteme Spread is around 2-3mps or 6-10 fps.

Also my barrel was polished for best accuracy and to prolong the time in between barrel cleanings