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“peole”I was always puzzled why army sub MOA Designated marksman rifle uses 10x scope and is good to 600yards.

And why 2-3 and more MOA air rifles are using 30-50x?

One explsnation that I heard is that huge magnification lets use bad scope as good sub 100yard rangefinder. Buf for Bench rest? I thought theres planty of time to use laser rangefinder and targets are not moving?

I think it’s because the army shoots at completely different sized targets. They shoot at human sized targets, we shoot at a 3cm circle. It also makes a difference whether you’re hunting or target shooting with your airgun. During a hunt, hitting anywhere within the 3cm is ok. During benchrest, hitting in the exact middle of the circle is key. In order to see the exact middle of the circle you need magnification.

The reason that bad scopes with high magnification are usable is nonsense I think. Ever looked through a bad scope at high magnification? Your eyes will get very tired of looking at a shitty image and they try to compensate everything that’s wrong. You’ll probably end up with a headache after 1 hour of shooting.

And I think most benchrest shooters are also sub MOA shooters ;) otherwise you won’t shoot a 250 score on a 25 meter target.

For benchrest I’m using a meopta meopro 6-18×50 for 50 meters and a bushnell legend ultra HD 4,5-14×44 for 25 meters, both with mildot reticle.