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“T3PRanch”People get too hung up on pictures and movies. When I hunt I am HUNTING not making a photo essay although there are some here that are extremely good at it…I am not.

I do enjoy the videos others post and wish I could do it but I guess I am more single minded. ;)

Good shooting!

You know, I’ve found that when I make a video of it, I get more knowledge out of each kill. I can replay it in slo-mo and see exactly what happened. Check my shot on the chipmunk from today. In full speed, with one viewing, what do you see? Only that it flips and runs off and dies in less than 20 seconds. Replayed in slo-mo, I could hear the meat slap, see which way he flipped, see him shimmy on the tree, etc. Things happen INCREDIBLY fast. I like the camera to slow it down.

The earlier one, where I shot the squirrel through the arm & chest, it again happened too fast to see it. But in 8x slo-mo, we can see the pellet hit home, the blood spot, and the splash of bird seed behind, indicating a pass-through.

I’ve actually MISSED a few shots because I was setting up the camera and the quarry ran off. But since it’s my back yard, I know it’ll be back; it might just cost me a few more cents in seed by the time I catch up with them.