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Ernest Rowe is the best known tuner for Crickets. He’ll be able to tell you better than me all the services he offers but the term “tuning” is usually a collection of services to set up your gun to perform well for your purposes. The goals of tuning are typically things like accuracy, power, efficiency or a combination. 

Specific tuning activities include: adjusting the hammer spring, valve spring and regulator for optimal power with a specific pellet and optimal shot count, polishing the inside of the barrel to deburr the rifling and make the surface smooth, straightening the barrel, fixing crowning issues  and a bunch of other things I don’t fully understand to improve accuracy and efficiency. 

Luckily for us, we don’t need to understand any of that stuff. You just send in your gun and say “please make it more accurate and give me more shots per fill” and experts like Ernest can take I from there. 

I would think about what you want to achieve before sending it away for tuning.