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Hi Sam, great guns! I checked Georgia Airguns’ website and no mention of the Cricket skeleton stock. I’ll have to call them tomorrow to double check as I do like the look and the weight savings. I’m sad about losing the ability to carry extra mags though. Nice guns! Do you only have 2 Crickets? I’m teasing! I think you have an awesome combo: one sniper rifle carbine and one compact carry bullpup. If you have more than two well even better! 
Haven’t had the chance to chrony it yet. Next purchase will be for a chrony. Question? Where do you send your gun for a tuning? What does it consist of? How much does it cost? How much of a difference does it make in terms of accuracy and reliability? In other words, if it becomes more accurate does the reliability go down? 
Are both guns pictured in .22? You said you didn’t have a pic of the .25 yet. Is that also a Cricket? In terms of accuracy, is the carbine more accurate? By how much? Did you tune the carbine before you did the Youtube video?
Thanks for sharing!