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I too have been researching this identical debate you have here. I own a wolverine b hilite .22 that I hunt with. Love the gun. My next pcp is going to be either a .25 caliber or a .177 caliber. No need for another .22. Down here in louisiana……my hunting shots are rarely past 60 yards…..usually alot closer. I think I would prefer the .177 12 ft lb pcp more. Been getting into pesting situations around barns and livestock with really close shots. I could use the .177 for this as well as benchrest. Right now Im considering a daystate griffin, wolverine type c, fwb 800ft, or steyr. Still researching too. A Thomas with the extra field target stock would be nice……but most expensive too. Probably stretching it too far to go that route. The daystate options are at least repeaters. So many options……….even the fwb 800 basic field target looks good.