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“shooterpt”Air supply is also a problem to me! I prefer to shoot more with less power, illegal to hunt with airguns here in Portugal.
Today I made 42 shots from 175 to 95 bar(regulated pressure), JSB exact, 19,2 I believe that’s a good shot count for a 130cc cylinder!
Zebra, just a question, was your shroud tube glued?


I’m not sure. I tried unscrewing it to see if it could be adjusted to help with the clipping but I couldn’t get it to move. It was just stuck and I didn’t want to try forcing it. I only tried with my hand though. It might have come off with a wrench or something. 

It would surprise if they glued the shroud in place without even checking if it was aligned but stranger things have happened…. I can tell you that, with mine, it looked like the shroud tube was cut at an angle so it wasn’t parallel to the barrel. I put a cleaning rod through to check and it was forced over to the left. It should have never left the factory.