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There is definitely some airgun action in Missouri – although it would help if you could narrow the region down a bit. I wouldn’t say it’s developed to the same level as Arizona, Michigan or Ohio, but it’s there. 
Wentzville (St. Louis area) –  There is an an informal shoot-and-bull session every Friday morning at Josephville Machine & Gun. These folks tell me that there is also an airgun shoot once or twice a month at the St. Louis Benchrest Club that is open to the public. 

Jefferson City – The guys at Capital Pawn are airgun buffs, and they tell me there is an informal shoot on Tuesday nights at JC, stop in and ask them for more info. 

I also know there are some shooters around the Springfield MO area, but I haven’t met them personally. 

You may want to look under the “Missouri Fun Shoots” info on GTA, and check out the member maps both there and here on AGN.

I happen to live in Hell-inois, about an hour out of St. Louis. There appear to be enough shooters in Central/Southern IL and east central MO to have a good shoot and swap meet if one ever gets organized.