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I have the Winchester 52″ long, 9lb .177 cal 1400CS. Dang thing is huge for an airgun! My British Enfield outweighs it by a mere 1/2lb! Have any of you shot this thing? Not a lot of info, video or otherwise, is available on it. I ran into a guy on one of the airgun YouTube channels yesterday that has one & says it is indeed accurate out to 100yds. But his range only goes to 100yds, so he can’t testify to additional range.
​In other news, the range around the block’s number is a model train store’s number overt in Lorain now. She said she thought the name was different too, but number is wrong for that one as well. My car failed E-check with low compression, so I can’t drive around the country block to check it’s physical location. Dammit, I’m up the creek without a paddle [email protected][email protected]#%&^$*&…
​Anyway, has anyone here shot this thing?…