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“Dairyboy”If (let’s be real when) I get one it will be in black. I don’t mind the blockiness of it. I think it’ll be really solid from a rest or bipod. And how great everyone talks about them I can careless about looks. Maybe that’s what they think as well? Rather have a solid gun instead of beauty with a crap gun.

It’s possible but I can’t see it. Usually when people design something, they think it looks great. 

My issue with the Mutant stock is not the looks, it’s the quality. It’s low and doesn’t match the rest of the gun. It’s poorly machined. It could be made pretty but my preference would be for them to improve the finish, consistency and wood choice. 

At the end of the day, the stock is the piece you interface with. It makes it comfortable or uncomfortable and it’s also what distinguishes the looks from other similar guns. A stock has the potential to reduce accuracy. A flimsy stock makes a guns sensitive to poi changes with your hold. Poorly machined inletting can mean you have to have the stock screws too tight to stop it moving which reduces precision. Low quality wood cracks too. 

The way I look at it is that it is easier to replace the stock than it is to replace the action. The Mutant is a superb platform that deserves better wood. As you say, that’s better than having a gun with better wood than it deserves but it would be nice to have both. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just pick and choose the features you like from each gun to make your ideal air gun….