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I have used the Atlas rail. It is Nice but sticks out a bit far for some reason. Makes it a bit uncumfortable to hold the gun without bipod. The One on the picture is a rail I got from a friend. Not sure if it is a brand or just no name China rail. Either way it has a much lower profile than the Atlas rail wich I like.

I have used Three different bipods. The One I recommend is the Atlas bipod, really well suited for bullpups. The One I have is a cheap $35 copy from Greenbase but if I ever feel the need I would not doubt to upgrade to the real thing, a bit pricey though..

I also used and still have the UTG 360 recon bipod but I dislike it. The good thing about the Atlas is the 45° angle leg position, it suits the Cricket so well. However with the recon the bipod sags down due to the Big ball inside it that gives the 360 function. This makes the leg position far lower than 45° resulting in the gun sagging down as well. So for Me that defeats the whole purpose of the 45° legs and makes it a very uncomfortable bipod.

I also used a China copy of the Harris bipod but did not Care for it that much. Not as adaptable as the Atlas.

If I could do it again I would not waste my Money on the UTG bipod and just buy the Atlas straight away.

I have not insralled a rail to my custom stock.


I did not like it because it was too tight for my liking to put the mags in the holders. I felt like it would damage the Pellets. Also it made the cocking not as smooth. I used electical tape on the inside of the mag holders for a tighter fit instead. But if you use the tape you have to do it right, otherwise it could get messy.

I was just out shooting, put seven pellets through this One at around 30 yards. Somewhere around .33″ ctc. As you can see my rest was not exactly ideal, I was standing next to that big pipe resting the gun on it.