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“cilami”I stopped shooting at the target at 115-120 bar, so next time I’ll check how the poi changes below that. Sorry to hear your second stock was not as expected. I prefer black anyway (exception would be a nice walnut stock, of course).   

I think a lot of people like a nice walnut stock. For me, if they aren’t going to use nice wood or at least a good quality wood, I would prefer that they didn’t use it at all. If you can bend it with your fingers or make an indentation easily with your finger nail, then you know it’s not going to last well. Poor wood is far worse than plastic. At least with plastic you don’t have to deal with inconsistent machining…

This is one of the reasons why companies like Daystate, Air Arms and BSA have such a loyal following. Whatever issues anyone has with those brands, nobody can say that their fit and finish is not consistent with their price tag. The Daystate Regal is priced at a similar level to the Mutant. The metal-work is nice on both but the wood on the Daystate looks special while the Mutant’s wood quality is closer to that of a BB gun. It’s one of the areas where these Eastern European and brands from the old Soviet block have room for improvement imo. You occasionally seen Edguns or Crickets with nice (ish) wood but in general they are plain Janes. 

If the Mutant wasn’t so accurate, efficient, quiet, light  and fun to use, people would not put up with the wood. Stocks do matter. As the Mutant is awesome in most other areas, it is worth investing in a stock upgrade. I wish the Taipan people would take more of pride in it though. They have a special product that more people would buy if it didn’t look like the wrong end of a gorilla.