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I´m also a recent Ataman Ultra owner and I share some of the related issues. Now it seems to be O.K. but several mods were needed to improve the original performance. No opinion regarding the magazine, it was returned because it had a very small crack in one of the pellet loading holes so, no test done.
I think that the ultra concept is great for the ones that need portability and don’t like/want bullpups. In my opinion this carbine should be shooting between 18 to 22 ft.lbf (24-30j). In my case that implied reducing the regulator pressure and hammer spring length (one ring removed) from the, out of the box, configuration. The metal parts quality seems very  good and I like the folding stock, it´s not common plastic but a material similar to my peli gun case. My wood stock is symmetric but I agree that it should be larger.