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“KitCarrera”Hello, I just got back into airgunning after a long absence and discover this wonderful forum. My first and won’t be my last purchase was a Kalibrgun Cricket in .22 with the black stock. Love it for its performance, dependability, and history. A lot of guns have come and gone but the Cricket is still selling strong! Now my questions to all are: what mods have you done to your Cricket, what mods can be done, who are the top tuners, and please post your pictures! Thanks in advance as I am hoping for some great ideas and to read some interesting posts. Go Cricket!

The skeleton stock would be my first modification. The skeleton stock is over a pound lighter than the standard wood and almost 2 pds less than the synthetic. How accurate is your 22 and have you chronied it? If yours is accurate with 18.1 JSB or H&N 21.14 you might want to send it in for a power tune. Without stressing the H/S or reg 22 Crickets are shooting 36 – 42 fpe with the tune. H&N 21.14’s come in a few head sizes. Both of my 22’s liked the 5.51’s, I have read some like 5.52 so if your going to try the H&N get a tin of 5.51 and 5.52.

Your Cricket needs to shoot the 18.1 JSB or H&N 21.14 accurately before sending it in for a power tune. Charlie at Georgia Airgun has a few skeleton stocks if your interested. He did the power tune for my 25 Cricket and its shooting the 34 grain at 925 fps.

Above a few photos of my beloved Crickets. Haven’t got a chance to post the 25 cal yet.

Link to a video of a 22 cal shooting dime size groups at 65 – 70 yards.