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“BitFrost”EDIT: I’m not going to bother you guys with more scope questions. I talked to my retailer today, and they have delivery problems with the one I ordered. I have my rifle, but I wouldnt get my scope until July 20th. Hawke Sidewinder 30 6,5-24×56 20x half mildot. I’m waiting to see if he can get the Sidewinder 6,5-20×42. If he does then that’s the one I’m going for. I have faith in the Sidewinder. :)
But of course, if you’d like to recommend a scope for the Wildcat, please feel free to do so.×56-ir-5038120401006.html#/mounts-none/reticle-20x_1_2_mil_dot_ir_red_green

Try to order here. I live in Bulgaria and I bought scope by Portugal. I think that there will be no problem with delivery to Norway, and I think that the prices are not bad. My scope was delivered by DHL within four working days.