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“JoeWayneRhea”Zebra for me Hawke, Aeon ,Vortex , UTG, and a few more are scopes I won’t spend money on . I know I know guys don’t wanna hear that but at least to my eye. They are overpriced and lesser quality . Everybody is entitled to their opinion.

I quite literally couldn’t agree more. 

The saving grace for some of those brands is that many people don’t get the opportunity to compare their scope to one of the many better options out there. The first time I tried a UTG scope, I was comparing it to the one that came free with a $70 springer from Walmart. With that as my benchmark, the $90 UTG looked crystal clear in ideal lighting conditions. I cringe when I think about the review I gave it on the PA site. 

Basically, it’s my own fault that I don’t trust reviews because I’m worried that other people might be like me….

 I know that nobody likes to be told that their baby is ugly but for people that don’t want to hear something negative about something they just purchased, the lesson is to read up on the brand before you buy instead of after. 

With me, the scopes that didn’t hit the mark tend to get pushed down onto the rifles I don’t use very often. That old UTG is currently on my Career 707 25 as it’s too loud for garden. I usually use it at the range with iron sights which shows what I think of the scope.