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“gamyrick”I have no problem with killing a snake for food or the protection of personnel and property. However, I find the equipment and method used here to be irresponsible. The airgun community has accepted 5 ft/lbs as a minimum  for humane kills. Here, he uses a .177, 7.9gr pellet at 380 fps for 2.53 ft/lbs. I could understand using my .22 caliber Webley that generates 8 ft/lbs or any airgun that generates a minimum of 5 ft/lbs. This is simply a marketing ploy to sell inexpensive, underpowered equipment meant for plinking as a tool for hunting. I can see some 10 year old kid watching this and then trying it. I would be ashamed to show this video to any responsible hunter.

That 10 y/o shouldn’t be watching YouTube  videos w/o a parent knowing what content they’re viewing.

Is anyone really going to be stupid enough to view this, then grab a BB gun, and head out looking for rattlesnakes to shoot at?

If they do, then they 1- are so stupid they do not know where to look in the first place & 2-  if they do know where to find them, then simply put – Stupid people doing Stupid things usually cancels each out, so only a matter of time… 

But on the video itself I saw it as a skilled hunter just showing the limits of what can be done with an air gun and a well placed shot.