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The Diana’s that have the recoil reduction system can be shot accurate because of that. The 54 Air King for instance (the most powerful one) is advertised 18 Ft/lbs, but you know just as good as I do, that in reality that’s a hell of a lot less.

But I have owned and shot a lot of magnum springers, and the recoil is just too much. Even if you hold it consistently each time. It’s just a matter of physics. With a gas ram, maybe, or with the Diana recoilless system, but springs torque the rifle with each shot in a slightly different angle so it’s just physically not possible. I dare someone to prove me wrong here. I guess our definition of accurate is different, but that probably has something to do with the fact that I’m a competition shooter. I expect a PCP rifle to be able to shoot these kind of groups at 50 yards, otherwise it’s not up to my personal standards. With my Diana 340 I’m able to shoot 1/2″ groups also at that range. 

But again, and I can’t stress that enough, that’s what I expect from a rifle. If it can’t do that, it’s not a gun for me.  ;)