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“Jonnes”The DIana 340 N-Tec is a gas ram rifle that shoots just below 16 F/Lbs, but it still gives quite a kick. I’ve never shot a magnum air rifle that was accurate. Maybe the definition of accurate isn’t the same for everybody, but I want to see at least sub MOA (1/2″) groups at 50 yards before I call something accurate. It just isn’t possible with the recoil of a magnum springer to shoot that accurate, because the recoil is felt before the pellet leaves the barrel and those magnum rifles kick like a freakin’ mule! The Diana 54 and 56 use a recoilless system, and they’re not really magnum springers. Anything above (not advertised, but true) 18+ F/Lbs is considered a magnum rifle in .177.

I don’t think I’ve EVER shot an MoA group at 50 yards, even with PCP. Maybe I’ll bring the Marauder and Diana 56TH to the range Saturday and see what I/they can do @ 50 with a proper sandbag rest. (hopefully no wind)

My definition of ‘accurate’ is a little different. 1/2″ @ 50 yds. to me is VERY accurate.

Diana 48, 52, 54 and 56 are all magnums by your own definition. Check the tested FPE figures on them. They shoot above 18 FPE with most pellets, IIRC. ( I can’t check now, those sites are blocked at work)

What determines how accurate a magnum springer is is how consistently they’re held during the shot cycle, not just the amount of recoil. Less recoil makes hold consistency less of an issue.