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The post loaded as I was correcting spelling and my sleep depraved vocabulary. The last line I wanted to add is all use 12 gauge rifled slugs. Many of the rights that are taken for granted in the rest of the country don’t exist on Long Island. You don’t see a firearm in Walmart, hand loading supplies are non existent. Pellets are not shipped from to any NY addresses. Gun stores survived only by changing to Sporting Goods. There are town ordinances that prohibit “items” that propel objects at 300 fps or greater, others flat out ban paint ball to slingshots. Residents looking to limit duck hunting, your in a blind legally floating off the land you can’t legally discharge a firearm from. Now looking for legislation to stop the discharge over navigable waters. It’s sad how a large group with no interest and less knowledge can shut down or limit hobbies of others. I’ve seen how money and publicity can sway public opinion overnite.