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There have been some issues in the beginning, but those have been solved. You will need to perform regular maintenance on the pump if you shoot in a dirty environment, but that’s just common sense. I take mine apart twice a year to clean the pump and put some grease on the moving parts, but that’s about it. I’ve owned one for over 3 years now and I’ve had no problems, except the occasional o-ring that needs replacement, just as with any other PCP. 

With regard to the rifle being fragile, well… let me put it like this. It’s not a rifle that you can throw around like you can with a powder burner, but let’s be honest. Would you do that with any other $1800 rifle? PCP’s are just more fragile than brake barrels or powder burners. I’ve taken mine out to the range 2 times a week, out for plinking sessions each weekend, and it has seen more of the outside world then any other gun I own and it still looks brand spanking new and shoots like a breeze. Just take care of it, and you’ll have loads of fun for years to come.

Oh, and if you go for the Independence or Indy, make sure you buy the shrouded version. It’s silent, even on the highest power setting!