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I´m surprised that they don´t seem to be adding the second transfer port in the US sold versions.

If you want stricly a sub 12 fpe plinking rifle, there are several possibilities:

– as the transfer port is made of brass, you can weld/solder your high power port shut and redrill the hole in 0.055″
– you can ask a friend to make you one on a lathe (or do it yourself if you have access to a lathe), its a very simple part, see photos and drawing above.
– you can make a plastic transfer port by cutting out several layers from a PET bottle and glueing them together to match the form or simply manually work a piece of thicker acrylic to meet the specs
– you could make yourself a plaster form using your current transfer port and make the sub 12 fpe transfer port from hot glue, might be worth a try – after all, there is only going pressure through it when you pull the trigger but its not constantly under pressure
– you could contact mrod air with the question why the second transfer port is added to the EU versions but not in the US and ask if they have one in sub 12 fpe
– you could buy the .177 version of the gun which will be substantially less powerful than the .22 and also shoot flatter

Just a few suggestions from my side…