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Almost every time I hear of someone buying a gun that was modded out, the results are far less than what my stock guns get. I usually set my PW at 5 and go from there, I install an “O” ring below the top hat and give the top hat about 1/8 of a twist to make up for the space taken up by the “O” ring. The top hat is then Blue LocTited so it wont slip and change position. I then shoot with a velocity range I prefer with a certain pellet. As it stands now the JSB KH in .25 cal is the pellet of choice at around 950-975 fps depending on the gun.

I go for a set number of shots,  and then I refill. All my Condors are for hunting and I have never shot more then 10 hunting shots on an outing. This is for GS + size game ….. Starlings are a different game all together.

I have heard some pretty sad stories of folks spending some good $$$ for a polish job or additions that were not needed. Unless you are making a specialized gun, chances are a stock Condor and some minor tweaks are all that are needed.

For me and all my Condors, the “O” ring and the lengthening of the Top Hat stroke have done wonders. The PW between 5 and 7 at the most will send your ammo almost too fast for accuracy. If I need 7 on the PW I will improve the TH gap by .030 -,050 and that is all that is needed to increase speed and lower the PW. It is a balancing act of spring power vs amount of dwell time.

This may be just me, but it works for me, I also shoot heavy for caliber pellets so my BC is the highest I can get for hunting.