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It is a .177 and thank you all for the advice. it seems like as soon as I pulled my R-9 out of the safe after a 15 year hiatus I have in one month fallen into 3 more air rifles , the 48/52 , a daisy Avanti 853 and a Benjamin Trail NP2 in .22 cal. I am bit for sure. I don’t know why I never got into the R-9 before.  And Smaug , I also have the 17 , 19 , 26 , and 43. Just kind of felt like I should have the 34 as well. Like you though my real passion is not Glock’s ,but rather high end 1911’s and rimfire. Just cant seem to help myself. But for the backyard , this springer thing has totally consumed me. I bought a couple bags of those little green plastic army dudes and am setting them up all over the yard having an absolute blast  knocking them over. Yes I am afraid I have the Bug. Again , thank you all for all the help.