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In my case, I did notice a clear drop in fps at 115-120 bar. I guess every gun is a little bit different. Yes, the Shorty is 1.5 inches shorter than the Prod bullpup with the TKO. Without the TKO, the Prod measures just 20″, but at 20 fpe it badly needed the moderator, giving me 16 shots. In total, I spent literally $1000 in my Prod and upgrades, but no comparison with the Mutant!.


You are wrong! I did not fall in the Mutant trap, you Shorty owners pushed me into it!

I saw a few people selling Prod bullpup kits and they ended up at around $1000 by the time they were done making them decent. It’s clearly not worth it when you look at the shorty. 

15 shots at 20fpe and 2″ longer… I bet that makes you appreciate the Shorty more as you have a baseline for how good it really is. 

I see a small drop in the poi at 50 yards when it drops to 110 but it’s still very usable if I compensate. I bet that, if I installed one of those FX style power adjusters and had a regular setting and one for after it drops off the reg, I could easily get another mag or two from the fill. 

I was doing some 65 yard shooting this eve and I shot from 250bar down to 90. At 90-120, the trajectory looked more like my 25 Cricket but it was still very consistent.

My replacement stock arrived from Wild West today and it’s worse than the first one. It really looks terrible. You made the right choice getting black I think.