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“guod123”Have friends that combined own a couple of thousand farm nursery and sod acreage. I made converts out of most and they all use pcp’s for pest removal, none are looking to use them for deer. A recent questioneer was sent out by the NYSDEC asking for input on a 30 cal airgun deer season . Amongst my friends it was universally rejected. A question arose as why you would allow an 80 FPE airgun such as an FX Boss when all 22’s and even 223’s are not allowed in other parts of the state. Even when jumping to 9mm or .357 you have some guns that only achieve slightly above the energy of a sub sonic .22 rimfire. Non of the 4 landowners expressed any interest in surrendering their slug guns, and suspected an alternative gun grab that would curtail or limit the slug guns in an already anti gun state. On Long Island NY no rifles are to be fired, given the congestion and the potential stupid that would cut a rimfire cartridge loose on a critter in a tree I concur with their limitation. WE all enjoy plinking and taking pests. States that enjoy open carry and boast liberal gun laws are fine but states in the NE we are happy with what we have, and increased scrupulation from big bore or unneeded attention will only create more legislation. My neighbors in NC shoot .45’s in the back yard and a few have the necessary permits for full auto. Tx and others you don’t have to deal with the political BS we have going on here. None of the landowners have  used a 20 gauge since the smooth bore Deerslayer

Using similar logic though, why should we allow traditional bows? Airguns and bows kill in a very similar manner. While .30 might be a touch small, larger rounds are at least as capable as any bow.  The heavier, sub-sonic .22LR rounds, can and will take down a deer cleanly.  And I’d almost guarantee that the restrictions in NY date back to the Vietnam era, when to put it bluntly, the .223 ammo available sucked.