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“JoeWayneRhea”Zebra I agree totally . What amazes me is when I’m shooting with my main shooting Buddy and we usually end up shooting mainly from 40-60 yards and his 6-24 or 8-32 power scope Isnt capable of seeing about half the holes . And almost never if its a piece of cardboard or any thing but solid white background.
My scope is a fixed 12X and I can see just fine …The extra magnification is useless without good glass .

I bet your scope is a lot lighter and easier to range too.

Unless you have Rain Man math skills, most of the power settings will be useless on an SFP when hunting. Every time I look at the manufacturers chart of how to adjust the holdover for different power settings it gives me a nose bleed. 

When all of your shooting is inside 100 yards, you definitely don’t need 24 power options, especially if none of them are suitable for the distance you are shooting at. 

I wish there was a store near me where I could try scopes before I buy. I see enough people telling everyone how great Hawke scopes are to know that I can’t rely on “the general consensus”. It’s just too subjective. I’ve been disappointed with the Hawke scopes I’ve tried. It’s partly because my expectations were set high due to their reputation. 

I’ve just ordered a few lower cost 4-14×44 FFP scopes to try. For some reason I really have a bad feeling about what I ordered. I’m worried I put the extra money into features I don’t need instead of better glass but I had to try an FFP for myself. I hope I’m wrong.