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…but it could be detuned to a reasonable power level, right? 

Or maybe even ordered at the British power level from that one Dutch dealer? (Krale?) I’d imagine that gun tuned to 12 FPE would be just wonderful. It would feel the same to cock as a 6 FPE HW30s. Still plenty of power for medium range hunting. Or leave it magnum and get it in .22; then you’d still have the .flat 177 trajectory but with more thump. When the novelty of the Mauser look wears off, it could be scoped. 

Here’s how my warped mind would justify buying it:

  • Get it in full power .22, since I already have the 56TH in that power level.
  • Enjoy the Mauser look and feel, and shoot it with open sights until the novelty wears off
  • Try a peep sight to try to keep the nice lines and low(er) weight, while picking up some accuracy due to a longer sight radius
  • When that gets old, put a reasonable scope on it, maybe something fixed power, in the 4-10X range.
  • If the magnum bit gets old, de-tune it to maybe 12 or 15 FPE and see about the loopy trajectory. If I don’t like that, try lighter pellets, to “de-loop” it a bit.
  • Get a WW2 era German soldier costume, put an orange cap on the end of the barrel, and go out trick-or-treating with my kids.
  • Find other shooters of this gun, and start an informal target shooting league, even online.This is BOUND to be a cult classic, and the start of a new trend. How long before a nice-looking PCP AR15 comes out? Garand? High Wall 45/70? Winchester 30/30?

^ Some of that stuff, you couldn’t reasonably do with an air rifle that isn’t an homage to a classic PB.