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Another thing: how about something with a quality gas ram?

Similar to what I said above about getting around some seemingly inherent disadvantages of springers, this new “spring” technology helps in some regards.

As has been said earlier, they’re less hold-sensitive than a (non-recoilless) springer because there’s no torque and it has a faster shot cycle. They’re probably better for hunting because they’re not temperature-sensitive and there’s no metal spring to take a set. …and the ones with the Theoben gas ram are also adjustable, power-wise! So if you got a Beeman RX2, for example, and found it’s a bit much, you could tune it down a little, just by letting some air out. Then, if it’s too long, you could have it cut down a bit and re-crowned. Make it into an easy-to-shoot regular magnum, instead of a super magnum.

^ I think that’s going to be my next springer adventure.